Two main factors come in to play when setting the list price. The first is recent sales of similar properties in the local Nambour area. The second is the sellers "need to get" price. As with most people, everyone has a target price they would like to hit. Suppose local sales and the target price line up most properties will sell within 30 days. Property values are rapidly changing. Know the actual value of your property is a huge benefit to sellers trying to establish if it is the right time for them to put their property on the market. BMP offers the latest in online property valuation services. CoreLogic's "Intelli Auto Valuation" is used by every big four central banks, building societies and credit unions across Australia. Our Nambour Real Estate Agents team offers this online valuation service as a complimentary to all of our clients. Email the property address and your contact details to receive your free online valuation report emailed directly.



Simply email the property address and your contact details to receive your free Corelogic Valuation emailed to you in in just a few minutes.

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