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Deciding on a property manager to guard your rental investments is not a decision taken lightly. We appreciate the hard work and sacrifices made to acquire your investment, and we also understand these are essential pieces of a larger financial plan for your future. Protecting your assets is our highest priority, and this starts with making sure your tenant has passed every background check. We have implemented the VEDA national tenancy database for the last five years. The most comprehensive tenants background checks available in Australia. We offer our clients full disclosure on a tenant’s rental history from bankruptcies, court judgments, unpaid debts and entire credit history. This advanced system has proven incredibly useful in screening out delinquent applicants. Our team of the best property managers in Nambour are committed to protecting your best interests. Call us to discuss how we can help manage your property.


VEDA National Tenancy Database

The VEDA National Tenancy Database is one of Australia's most advanced tenant screening services. We are offering a report on a tenant's history, including Court Judgements, Bankruptcies, criminal convictions and the renter's black list. As a landlord, you want to know if the person renting your property has a history of defaults on rental payments and other factors that might show that they may be irresponsible or negligent. Our team of property managers in Nambour provides a comprehensive report on every tenant who applies to rent from us and takes care of the entire approval process. We do credit checks, referencing and verifying all income and existing payment records. This ensures that the tenants we accept into our properties are reliable, and pay rent on time, every time.

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